Agile Roadmaps, Standards, Culture and Innovation

Your teams practice scrum, but can they define roadmaps and create standards? Are you trying to drive an agile culture and mindset?

StarCIO Agile Planning guides organizations of all sizes

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Isaac Sacolick, StarCIO President

Hi, I’m Isaac Sacolick, StarCIO President

I've been guiding organizations of all sizes on agile practices, collaboration, innovation, rigor, and culture change for almost twenty years. I've used agile planning practices in startups and organizations driving digital transformation.

You can review a lot of my work as I've been writing, blogging,and facilitating workshops about it.

But now you can get these best practices for you and your organization through StarCIO's guides and certifications.

Don't just scrum, plan your agile future! And this isn't another rigid, hard to implement agile framework, these are guides.

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Four Goals
Four Goals

  • Plan roadmaps
  • Define standards
  • Release reliably
  • Winning teams
Four Core Practices
Four Core Practices
  • Continuous planning
  • Estimation
  • Release management
  • Monitoring and feedback