Agile Roadmaps, Standards, Culture and Innovation

Your teams practice scrum, but can they define roadmaps and create standards?

Are you trying to drive an agile culture and mindset?

StarCIO Agile Planning guides organizations of all sizes

StarCIO Agile Roadmaps

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What you will learn! Many agile organizations focus on the delivery aspects of agile and scrum. Few succeed in planning and there is little visibility on sharing roadmaps and proposing standards. Scrum masters focus on completing stories in a sprint, but businesses require regular and reliable releases. And I don't believe you can enable agile cultures and mindsets with highly prescriptive frameworks that focus on scaling. StarCIO Agile Planning creates winning teams. It's a set of guides that help leaders define their agile way of working! 

Who Should Become a StarCIO Agile Planner?

Product Managers and Owners,

CIO/CTO/CDOs, Delivery and Tech Leads,

PMOs, Program and Project Managers,Scrum Masters

This course is for agile team leaders and teammates that want to develop agile planning practices. Learn more in this five minute video on What is Agile Planning and from StarCIO's white paper on planning practices.

Course Curriculum

  Welcome to the StarCIO Agile Planner Certification
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  Why Agile Planning
Available in days
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  Continuous Planning
Available in days
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  Agile Estimating
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  Agile Story Writing
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  Release planning
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  StarCIO Agile Meetings
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StarCIO Agile Planning

Agile Planning Backlogs -> Roadmaps

Covers five agile practices to help teams build healthier backlogs

(1) Why Agile Planning (2) Continuous planning (3) Estimating to MVPs (4) Efficient Story Writing (5) Release Management & Monitoring (6) Structured Agile Meetings

Isaac Sacolick

Hi, I’m Isaac Sacolick

I'm the President of StarCIO and have been sharing my agile practices for almost two decades. You can read more about me, review my book Driving Digital, or browse my blog, Social, Agile, and Transformation.

If you are trying to adopt an agile culture and mindset in your organization, then this course is for you!

It's all about StarCIO's Agile Planning programs that enable an agile transformation.

You can learn more about StarCIO Agile Planning in this five minute video or from my white paper.

You can also preview this course for free through this Intro to StarCIO Agile Planning.

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Learn More About Agile Planning

This episode of 5 Minutes with @NYIke on What is Agile Planning

Learn More on StarCIO Agile Planning

- Read Isaac's Amazon bestselling book, Driving Digital

- Download the StarCIO Agile Planning white paper

- Review agile planning posts from the StarCIO blog, Social, Agile, and Transformation

- Sign up for the free course, Intro to StarCIO Agile Planner

- Watch Isaac's keynote on Agile Business Transformation

Four Goals

Four Goals

  • Plan roadmaps
  • Define standards
  • Release reliably
  • Winning teams
Four Core Practices

Four Core Practices

  • Continuous planning
  • Estimation
  • Release management
  • Monitoring and feedback