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New to Agile

New to Agile?

Everyone has a first time being a teammate on an agile team or a stakeholder to an agile initiative!

Agile helps teams drive initiatives through uncertainties and shifts in priorities.

In this course, you will learn why agile methodologies outperform more rigid project planning and execution frameworks. You will then learn the basics of scrum, and become more comfortable working with or on agile teams.

Everyone can be Agile Curriculum

About StarCIO's Course

  • For people new to agile, including stakeholders, people joining agile teams, and leaders
  • Learn quickly, in under 2-hours, on-demand, and taught by digital and agile leader, Isaac Sacolick
  • Understand why agile methodologies are used on digital initiatives and forr driving transformation
  • Build confidence with knowledge on scrum and kanban methodologies
  • Extend you or your team's knowledge with StarCIO Driving Digital courses

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New to Agile

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Read about StarCIO Agile Transformation

What is Agile Planning
What is Agile Planning

Developing Great Experiences
Developing Great Experiences

Agile is for Everyone! - What You Will Learn


Hello! Isaac Sacolick, Your Instructor

I'm the President of StarCIO and have been sharing my agile practices for almost two decades. You can read more about me, review my book Driving Digital, or browse my blog, Social, Agile, and Transformation.

If you are trying to adopt an agile culture and mindset in your organization, then this course is for you!

It's all about StarCIO's Agile Planning programs that enable an agile transformation.

You can learn more about StarCIO Agile Planning in this five minute video or from my white paper.

You can also preview this course for free through this Intro to StarCIO Agile Planning.

Everyone can be Agile Curriculum

  Why Agile?
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  The Basics of Agile and Scrum
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  5 Minutes with NYIke Agile Videos
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  Further Learning on Agile Planning, Culture, and Mindset
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